Sunday, March 8, 2015

Preparing to move on.

A bit of 'warmer' weather is always welcome and this weekend we have finally gone beyond the entrance of the marina for the first time this year.  We needed to move the boat next door to Bromley Wharf for a small plumbing modification to be done this week, so took the opportunity to give the engine a bit of a run and warm through after winter. It was great that it started sweetly with no smoke at the first time of asking. 

Louise had gone ahead towards Handsacre, giving Jasper a good run and play with another Border Terrorist from nb Willow, so I was grateful to Sue from No Problem for a wave telling me it was clear to emerge from the marina as they passed by the entrance heading for Fradley.

A towpath boxing match
Phew... that's enough of that.
We popped into the Old Peculiar at Handsacre for a bit of lunch before making the 45 minute journey back and leaving the boat at Bromley Wharf.

Today we have headed south to Cropredy marina and sorted out a temporary mooring in preparation for our trip onto the Thames in May. We are moving the boat over Easter and staying there for a month before we embark on our little 'retirement cruise'. We had a wander around the village and Louise thought she'd quite like to live on this road...
It was her idea before you say anything !!
The countdown clock seems to be ticking faster and faster now and I feel as though I'm standing on a train track facing an express train which is about to run over me. I can't believe that I have just 19 working days left before retirement. It is approaching so quickly, and it is certainly brings with it a mixture of both excitement and apprehension.