Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fingers crossed.

It's almost three months since our last post, but we are still here and preparing to get out on the water again tomorrow after a bit of an enforced lay off. On the plus side it's meant that the golf course has had plenty of attention.

I've purposely not blogged for a while as I may have vented my frustration and said things I may have later regretted, but having returned from our very enjoyable Thames adventure in June, we have encountered boat problems which needed to be sorted once and for all. 

You may recall that earlier this year we had a slight leak from the Vetus stern gear. Well, this didn't improve despite replacing what we thought was wrong, and, although manageable, it wasn't going to rectify itself. Now we are at Mercia, I enlisted the help and opinion of Justin and the gang at Aqua Narrowboats. After some head scratching, investigation and considering of options, we have ended up having new seals, new shaft, new engine mounts and the engine moved and re-aligned.

In brief, the issue has been caused by the engine being 'put in pissed up' as it's been described. Now thats the sort of technical speak I understand !! Fingers crossed that our troubles are now behind us and that we can get back out and enjoy ourselves on the water again. It's certainly been a frustrating period, but the service we got from Aqua was absolutely first class. I just wish I could say the same for others, who will remain nameless at this stage !!!

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  1. I had been wondering where you had got to. Good to hear your back up and running again.